About IGERT.org

IGERT.org, housed at TERC (a non-profit housed in Cambridge, MA) has created the online platform for this Video and Poster Competition and facilitates this event. IGERT.org is funded by the National Science Foundation. All opinions expressed on either IGERT.org or in this competition are those of contributors and do not necessarily reflect opinions of TERC or the NSF Foundation.

IGERT.org provides comprehensive information about NSF’s flagship IGERT program and about each of its actively funded projects. It serves as both a virtual resource center and a collegial network for the IGERT community. IGERT trainees, alumni, faculty, and partners share resources, research, presentations, best practices career opportunities, and conferences with each other.

It also provides a vehicle for national dissemination of interdisciplinary graduate education program models which support innovative environments, research, and contributions that address the complex problems of our time. In addition, it allows prospective students and industry partners to learn about IGERT programs and opportunities that match their interests.

IGERT.org as well as the 2012 IGERT Video and Poster Competition is funded by the National Science Foundation and is created and facilitated by TERC, Inc., a nonprofit located in Cambridge, MA dedicated to improving mathematics and science education. Opinions expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the Foundation or those of TERC.

IGERT.org staff at TERC includes Joni Falk (PI), Brian Drayton (co-PI), Kathryn Hobbs (Content Manager), Rena Stroud (Senior Researcher), Kimberly Patton (Center Coordinator), and three programmers, Jon Obuchowski, Quang Le, and Steve Spodaryk. We work closely with trainee advisors, faculty advisors, program coordinator advisors and technical advisors.