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Soil Carbon Storage and Vegetation in a Greenland Mosaic

Julia Isabel Bradley-Cook

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Bioenergy that supports ecological restoration

Lloyd L. Nackley

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Energy Textiles

Kristy A Jost

16 posts

Balancing risk in fire adapted socio-ecological systems

David Toledo

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Harnessing the Public in the Search for Genghis Khan's Tomb

Andrew Huynh

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Documenting Traditional Knowledge on Tlingit Seal Hunting

Judith Dorothy Ramos

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Cycles and iterated reasoning in rock-paper-scissors

Seth Frey

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Waste Heat Harvesting

Ian Meeker McKinley

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How the perception of movement drives social interaction

Gwendolyn Johnson

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Tailbot – Robot with Inertial Assisted Control

Evan Heng Seng Chang-Siu

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Fishing livelihoods & fisheries management in North Iceland

Catherine P Chambers

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Taking the pulse of Great Lakes coastal wetlands

Matthew J Cooper

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Annealing Study of Diode Parameters of P3HT:PCBM OPV

Roy Murray

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Centralization in floodplain management of world rivers

Alicia Claire Lloyd

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The evolution of a transdisciplinary idea

Aleia Ingulli McCord

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Speech Comprehension Difficulties in Older Adults

Melanie Storm Bauer

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Plant Primary Stress Response Networks.

Geoffrey Benn

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Floating Wind Turbines Design Standards

Gordon Stewart

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Reactive Oxygen Species: Prevalence and Health Effects

Shahana S. Khurshid

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Digital microfluidics for automated protein analysis

Andrew Peter Aijian